Thursday, April 11, 2013



How's life recently? Good? Great. I've been doing lots of thinking. 

Is it the human race or Individuals.

Perhaps I should start off with a situation.

"How would you feel if you were waiting for someone keenly but quietly the whole day, and yet reminded the person to get back to you when the person have free time or perhaps once done and yet saw the person online the whole time but nothing for you. By the end of it at around 2 in the morning, the person would just say, 'I'm tired and goodnight.' "

Maybe and maybe one won't see it the way I see it, unless you are in that kind of situation.

I have to say that nobody told me to wait, yes nobody told me to wait, but logically thinking people tend to wait for someone because they have something to share or probably some good news. But who cares what holds you. I've gone through so much. Not once not twice. I don't usually wait for someone to tell them something. It must be important. But who cares. 

A stumbled upon a quote today : 

"Never tell your problem to anyone. 
20% of them does not care and the other 80% just glad you have them"
                                                                                                                                                                Tanya Bianco

Show some appreciation and a little gratitude would be good. Just having this thoughts to share, be a little, yes just a tiny little bit sensitive to others feelings. Don't be selfish. You won't lose a thing and perhaps you will gain something from it. Some of you may take this as a silly thing or perhaps something ridiculous, everybody have their rights to what they thought of. But hey who knew today just isn't your day.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013



Do you know how the world works for you? Or you tend to blend in like others? Or perhaps you wanted to be more than others? As for me, it's complicated. I do what I think l’m able to do. I did what I have to. I am serious in certain things like work or perhaps something I want to achieve either in short term or long term. I lead a leisure life most of the time. I mostly go with a little word called life.

I tend to let people tell me what to do and I can't do. Believe in yourself. Have faith. I don’t really plan to do something, things will just 'pop' and I would get it done. Think to much and you will get left behind. Sometimes you just have to remember to let it be. Don’t try to control yourself to much. Nobody is perfect. Don’t bother try to run the world like it is yours, just do what you have to and live your dreams.

Hate, A word that comes with anger and intensity. Sometimes it’s ridiculous how people could get mad for some silly things just because they can’t have it in a way that they would expect. Reality. A word with a long story. If someone told you not to control your anger, than probably that someone wants to see you fail. If someone did help you in a way, help the person to help you. Hope for the best.

Life. Have a simple one. Complicate it. You chose it. Get through it. It’s Life.

p/s : Don’t forget to smile. Smile while you can. Smile always. :)

Friday, January 4, 2013


.. he awaits. 

over 24 hours,

from the recipient. 

hopes crumbled.

a little expression of gratitude,

would be grateful.

Happy Birthday.

Monday, December 31, 2012

The missing 'ness'.


Hey it's the 31st of Decemeber. The last day ever of  the year 2012. A great year for some of us and not for most of us. Struggling to get the most out of the chances during the year and yet what is achievement without any tough challenges.

It has been almost two years since 1st of February, a day I will never forget due to an unfortunate event and a day of which I started my working life. Struggled to get the best out of it and yet what is life without a balance of some 'happiness' in life. Tough choices and critical decision making are common. To accept things is hard as you may or may not know that life is not as it seems. You need to expect the unexpected.

Shared some great experience in 2012 as I travelled across to Europe. Paris and London were great. The best part of all the things were Snow! :)

Love the sceneries in Paris and London, went there and took loads of pictures and ......

...... I couldn't finish this post.

It's bitter.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I was here.

How can someone uses a cup and put it right back in the tray upside down without washing it and pretend like it is clean and not been used?
Thoughts on why such things happened. LAZYness. Attitude. To take it to the sink and wash it properly and put it back. Oh my, how would you want to use a glass or a cup at a restaurant? Or maybe at a buffet in a nice hotel? Will you even consider to use the one that have been used by others? If you for example saw someone uses a cup to pour juice in it, drank it, and put it back upside down the way it was before? Will you ever walk away without having any thoughts about it? No, right? If you answered yes then perhaps you are troubled my friend.
If and only if you were so very lazy to wash it afterwards, just and only just leave it there and please seperate it from the others, and don't put it upside down like it was before. Imagine if you were not feeling well, having a flu or something unlikely not at a normal state of health, all the germs, viruses and bad bacterias transfered to the cup, someone else who might just came to have a cup of drink might be infected by the cup the person was using.
Imagine how lots and lots of viruses were transfered easily without you notice it. Cough or sneeze without covering your mouth is the common and unappropriate practice in reducing
healthy environment.
Just having this thoughts to share, as I felt disturbed of what I just saw in this very place which is better not to be mentioned. No wonder I did not even have the slightest thoughts to drink or use any of the utensils provided. Some of you may take it as it is not important, everybody have their rights to what they thought of.
Today just isn't your day.

image credit to

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Intense Rides.


Have you been to Singapore? Or perhaps Universal Studio in Singapore?

I have recently went there for my mother's birthday. This is my second time going to Universal Studio Singapore.

Fun! :D

The first time I was there it was just newly opened and the famous Battlestar Galactica roller coaster was not yet ready as it is still in testing mode. Most of the rides still in test mode. The second time I was there, the only thing I would want to ride most is the Battlestar Galactica roller coaster. Oh, before that Battlestar Galactica consists of two roller coasters which is the 'HUMAN' and the other is 'CYLON'. Both of the roller coaster have their own unique colour to differentiate each ride, red is for HUMAN and blue is for CYLON.

photo credit to

Choose your ride as you engage on the world's tallest duelling roller coasters. It was actually themed after the television series Battlestar Galactica. It was a spectacular intertwined coaster of a truly exhilarating battle as you twist, turn and drop in an intense ride. Riders will experience unbelievable thrills as they launch synchronously and amazingly feels like it's nearly collide!

The HUMAN coaster will launch and zoom up to 82 km/h, It's a seated coaster that propels to 14 storey high into the air.

photo credit to

The CYLON coaster is actually a suspended coaster, it will turn your world upside down as it runs through a vertical loop, cobra roll and corkscrew.

photo credit to

Oh, before that, there are rules to enter, you must make sure that your height must be more than 125cm or you will not be permitted to ride.
You are not allowed to bring any handphone, keys, coins, camera and other lose particle items on board. You can pass it to a non rider or just keep it safe at lockers provided.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Twist twist..
That's how I scream.. Ahaha.. It was fun! The first one I rode was the red coloured HUMAN coaster and right after that I went straight for blue coloured CYLON coaster.

I can say that the CYLON coaster is more exciting than the HUMAN coaster. Hee.
The intensity for CYLON coaster is more fun than the intensity of the HUMAN coaster.

Those who never had any roller coaster ride before or it is your first time, I recommend trying the HUMAN coaster first before you try the CYLON coaster. Hee.

Oh and yea, make sure you did not take any heavy meals before you had a ride on those roller coasters or else you will .... Hee.. :D

Ride it to experience! It is a must try if you visit Universal Studio Singapore.. Cool! :D

Saturday, July 7, 2012



Hai, it has been a very busy month of June. Lots of tasks need to be completed due to datelines given. Lets put this as a reminder for a while and let me come back to it later.

Last month on the 13th of June it was my birthday. Hee. I am now officially 25 years old.

I bought a very own birthday gift for myself which is the new iPad known as the iPad3..
This is my very first Apple product I own that I've been craving for a very long time.. Yay! I'm so happy.. :D

Let me share with you a glance of it..

Isn't it cool? Yes it is! Hee..

Oh, this is my cake of the year! Lol..

It was delicious but I only ate a slice of it.. Hee..

Let me get back to what I was saying earlier..
Yea, a very busy month as I went to several districts in Sabah alone to get some jobs done..
It was a very tiring visit for me.. 

I was ordered to go site visit just one day before the day I was ordered to..
Preparation? Not much, as I went home from the office, other than pack my bag, I also need to prepare all the scripts for the tasks there in Sabah..

Earliest flight available is only at 0730 and the rest was fully booked.. 
Last minute ticket was never a good idea..

There is no direct flight to some airports in Sabah, due to that I went directly to their International airports and from there I took transit flight to other districts..
Public transport such as taxi is not a good idea because it will cost me RM250 for a 150KM one way trip.. It will cost roughly RM1.70 per kilometer, highly priced taxi's fare..
Nevermind that, I used other alternative such as express bus services as it only cost me RM20 per one way trip, adding to that, snacks are provided.. I save a lot!

It's like an adventure where I have to find places and talk to lots of strangers around in places asking for directions where I have never been before..
As I was a little kid, I remembered about not to talk to strangers as you will never know what they are up to.. In my case i guess it is an exception, lol..

After a long day of traveling I finally arrived at my destination.. Oh and yea, my work starts after office hour and throughout the night..
On the very next morning I need to travel to another district as I was ordered to follow their last minute schedule as per what they think is best for them. Lol..
It happened that I need to do the same thing repeatedly until everything is done and traveled back home to rest.. Lol..

..let me just end that there.

Not a very good ending indeed.. Hee.. I will definitely write another story in another new post.. Till then..

C'est ├ža.. Au revoir!

Sunday, April 1, 2012



31st March 2012. The 100th day. Since the day she left us all. 

Us. Will never forget. You. Will always be in our heart.

 Memories. I kept. Reminding me of you.

Love. From you. Us. Felt loved.

We. Miss you. Us. Pray for your blissfulness.

May you rest peacefully.

I. Wrote this. Tribute. to. You.

In Memory.   :'|

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kina Grannis


I went to Kina Grannis's concert live in Bentley Auditorium, Kuala Lumpur on the 13th March 2012. It was exciting and so much fun.

That is my ticket. Hee. I came a little early that day to collect the ticket and i was the earliest 50. In that case I attained a wristband that allow me to meet and greet Kina Grannis after her show. I was so happy. Yay! :D

Here are some photos of Kina Grannis singing on the stage

This is the album cover autographed by Kina Grannis when i got the chance to meet her after the show. But this album cover is not mine, it's for my dear friend's sister.

Kina Grannis is so real. Hee. I never knew i could meet her and see her sing live other than youtube. She was amazing.

I recorded videos of her singing that day, this is one of it. Enjoy. :)

Kina Grannis - In Your Arms (Live at Bentley Audtorium, KL Malaysia)

Thursday, March 22, 2012



It's been a while since the last time i wrote. I've been doing lots of thinking. This and that. Here and there. Hee. That is not really the case. I wanted to write something that is more exciting. That exciting story would be, I went to PARIS! Yay! It was fuuuun!~ It was an amazing two weeks of my trip to Europe.

Here take a look.

It's Disneyland! Everything there is frozen. Even the fountain.

The temperature is around minus 10 to minus 16. It was super cold. Wait wait, I haven't tell you the best part yet. I went to the Eiffel Tower! Tadaaa!

This is a weird looking snowman we've made while we are in Paris, it's my first time to see and to touch snow, so yea, i'm excited. ^_^

Starry starry night, it's snowing! Hee. It's my first time playing in the snow. :D

When we were out by the street playing with snow and try to catch snowflakes in our mouth, there is a guy passed by asked me where are we from, because he looked at us in a way that it's weird to have people by the street playing in the snow, I told him that we are from Malaysia, then he looked surprised and immediately reacted to the answer and asked another question, "There is no snow in Malaysia?". I smile and I said No, we don't have snow in Malaysia. Aha.

Apart from all that, I like the sceneries there in Paris, I also like the buildings designs there because it is kind of historical like, it's not like in a modern city with all those modern building designs. Oh and yea before that I also visited London. In London I visited all of those landmarks there. Here is one of the landmarks I've visited.

Here are some photos I've taken from St.James's Park.

I can't wait to go back there, it was so so so much fun! Oh how i wish i could just stay there a little longer..

Fun fun fun.. :D

Thursday, February 23, 2012



I went to Paris!

I will post some pictures soon and some good stories along with it.

wait for it to be published. :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011



Hai. It's been a while. Hey, how's life been treating you? Good? Not really good for me. Let me tell you what happened.

  Remember i told you about me been in an accident past 2 months? For anyone who did not know, here let me share a link Horrifying.Truth.

My car was in a workshop for more than a month to get it fixed. My car was sent to a workshop where i am not familiar with because the workshop is the panel workshop for the insurance company who covered the repair cost. After a month, the lady at the workshop called me and asked me to pick up my car. I went there the next few days and the look from the outside were just fine and I'm a little happy to see it in one piece again. I went inside the office to get my keys. I inserted the key into the ignition and turn it on. The happiness i felt drop gradually, because the conditions was worst than it looks. I wonder why they called and ask me to pick up the car with that kind of condition. The car vibrated like there are 100 mobile phones vibrated at one time, the hazard light is not functioning, the headlights they fitted in were something like a rejected product that did not get approval by quality control section. They asked me to take it back home first and come back if there is any problem. So i drove it back home and kept telling myself that everything would be okay and don't need to worry much.

After a week i went back to the workshop and told them the things that is not functioning, for example the hazard light and some other things such as the door was like going to fall off and the scary sound I've heard from under the car. Oh my. Then i asked them to change the headlights and hoping that they are responsible of what they need to. They asked me to leave the car again at the workshop and they will call back in few days when it's done. The day came, they called me, I went there with disappointments. They did not even change the headlights, and claimed that "We already changed it". I am not a five year old kid who you can tricked me and tell me something that it's not. Hu. I don't want to argue with them because I don't like to argue and I just keep quiet. After a moment, I just get inside the car and drove back home.

This is the first phase, the thing I wanted to highlight here is that, in business world, rarely there is someone that would be honest with the services or product they are selling. I know I only drove a 'Kei Car' and not some luxury or expensive cars that goes to your workshop, it doesn't mean that you have the rights to do that. Hm.

Moving on. I went to another workshop, this is another story of me being a victim. I went to a different workshop at Bandar Baru Bangi, Kiat Mun Auto Serivces Sdn. Bhd. to get my brake done. I need to change it because it was damaged due to the incident. I came there with all the parts needed to repair it, I just need to pay them the labour charge. I explained the things I need them to do and that's it, I let them do their job. I left them and sat at a chair they provided for customers. As I was waiting, I looked at the mechanic doing his job from a distance and looks like he is not familiar with the things. Before that let me tell you that I wasted 6 hours at that workshop due to their mistakes. Oh my. From one mechanic and now 5 of them grouping at my car. They blamed me for the parts I brought earlier saying that it's broken and etc. I told them directly that it has been tested and it is fine. After a moment they told me that my brake master pump is broken and need to change, it will cost me RM280. I told them that it is working fine after all these years why do I need to change it, they said that the pump is not giving any pressure to the hydraulic brake system and need to change it. I sat down for a while and thinking that I wanted to find the parts on my own, because I knew if they ordered the parts they will charge me at a not very reasonable price because they know my car can't move because of the brake and I can't go on my own to buy the parts. I know a place selling Original Japan Brake Master Pump for only RM150 and it is far away. I wanted to get some help, but there is nobody around on that day. After a while I decided to let them change it and I would just pay for it, I asked them about the warranty, they told me that there's no warranty and it is made in 'Taiwan', they lied, it's written there made in 'China'. Don't matter. No difference. (Guys if a person told you a product you bought have no warranty meaning that they can't guarantee you that the product they are selling will last long. I say this based on my past experience, not once, not twice.) Then I asked them will it be okay if I change it. They told me "Yes, once it is changed you'll be on the road in no time". Then I decided to let them change and hoping everything would be okay because I already wasted 4 hours there. After they fitted it in, still, there is problem. And still blame me for the parts I brought earlier. Oh my. Let me cut this short, did you know what is the problem? They are the problem. 5 of them. The brake consists of a Disc rotor, Brake Pad, and Brake Caliper. At the Brake Caliper there is a marking with 'R' for right and 'L' for left. They fix it wrongly by putting right with 'L' and left with 'R'. That is why there was no pressure to the hydraulic brake system. -_-' I was hungry and tired but still I can control it. Hu. They ask me to change what need not to be change and blamed me for the things that it's not my fault. So, they don't want to admit their mistakes and act like nothing happen, I was alone and they are 5 of them. Hu. After everything is done. I tested the car for two days. It was dangerous. The brake did not perform as it supposed to perform. It did not slow the car as expected, eventhough I already pressed it harder.

The next two days I went to another workshop, which someone recommended it to me and I told him to check the brake and explained to him what happened, immediately he checked it and told me that they already tricked me and made me pay 3 times the normal price. I was shocked to hear that the Original Brake Master Pump that Perodua sell is RM280 and the one they fitted in is just RM80. They charged me three times the price. Oh my. The mechanic told me to go back to the workshop at Bandar Baru Bangi, Kiat Mun Auto Serivces Sdn. Bhd. and take back my old Brake Master Pump and he will try to fit it back in because he told me that probably the Pump might not be the problem. I took back the parts at Bandar Baru Bangi, Kiat Mun Auto Serivces Sdn. Bhd and went back and let him changed it again and tested it. It works perfectly fine! I was so furious because they told me to change something that is not broken and something that works perfectly fine. The mechanic told me to go back to the place and ask for refund. I went back to the workshop at Bandar Baru Bangi, Kiat Mun Auto Serivces Sdn. Bhd.

As I arrived at the workshop at Bandar Baru Bangi, Kiat Mun Auto Serivces Sdn. Bhd. I asked them politely for my refund, they said no no no no and no. They told me they will not refund. Then I asked them why did you told customers to change something that is not broken and charged three times the price. They couldn't answer. And at that particular moment the 'tauke' suddenly did not admit  that he is the 'tauke' anymore. Saying that he just work there and not responsible for the parts and the things they've done. One of them started to shout and blamed me for things and say nasty words to me. Oh my. I did not even scold them for anything, I just asked for a refund. I told them it is dangerous for me because the pump did not give the right amount of pressure to the brake and I could hit just anything in front of me or fall off a cliff. After a moment, then they decided to give me a new Brake Master Pump and that is it. I asked them "What should I do with it?" Hm. They said take it or leave it. Alrite. I took it and left.

Look, these are the things you will find in real life, nowadays rarely there is someone so honest in doing business. I know they wanted to do business to get money and profits, but this is so not the way. RM280 is too much, what if someone who doesn't know anything and charge them more? Ask them to change everything? Hu. To add to that they charged me RM60 for a 500ml brake fluid where I can get it for RM17.90 only. They took advantage on me knowing that I can't go and get the parts my own. I'm speechless.

I'm a victim and I know many others out there too, at a different place and different situation. Just be careful if it involved safety and when you talk about something that your live depends on it. Think more than twice. You may have just paid for something and let you put your life in jeopardy.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

An Old Lady.


"The true essence of humankind is kindness. There are other qualities which come from education or knowledge, but it is essential, if one wishes to be a genuine human being and impart satisfying meaning to one's existence, to have a good heart."
Tenzin Gyatso.

 I have a story i want to share that keeps me wondering. This is a story about humankind. I went to a place where mostly people staying there most probably someone that woke up early in the morning and work hard till noon just to eat once a day. I went there on one afternoon to fix a leaking hose. As i sat there on a concrete bench while waiting for my part to be done. I saw an old lady who walked under a hot sun from a place that is quite far using a cane on one hand and a big box filled with collected stuffs mostly something that is old and unwanted thrown things by others in the other hand. As i saw her i felt pity for her. I saw her walk in a very slow pace using a cane and carrying that heavy big box.

Closer. As she came closer. I was asking myself where is she heading. I was thinking to myself saying that "would she mind if i help her?" or "would she be scared of me, thinking that i might steal her stuffs and tricked her?". Nobody around would want to help her.  The old lady who wears an old Tshirt with patches on it, and look dirty with her sweats on her makes people want to avoid giving a hand just to help her. There were several people there, who just won't bother to help her. Is it attitude? or afraid that you might get laugh at if you help her? Think about it.

Closer to the place where i sat down and there she is in front of me. She arranged her collectible stuffs at one corner because she might not be able to bring it to her house upstairs, i assumed. She placed it somewhere safe with her stuffs near to a place where i sat down. I guess that is where she usually place her stuffs before she went home for a rest of tiring work and long walking distance. As she finishes arranging her stuffs she wanted to go upstairs with some stuffs inside the box to take it with her. As she step on the first step to the stairs, i stopped her and told her that i would like carry her stuffs to her place. She was speechless and look me in the eye. I repeated myself, thinking that she might not hear me the first time. The second time i told her that she smiled and told me to help her carry it to the first floor and it would be nice. Without hesitation i help her carry that heavy box to the first floor. After i am done carrying it, i asked her, "Can you manage to climb up the stairs to your place? Do you need help?" She smile and thank me for helping her and told me that she can manage" She was holding a cane on her left hand and holding the stairs handles on the right hand. It took her around 6-10 seconds  for each steps.

After that i sat down at the same place i sat before. As i was sitting down, there is this guy sitting near me who saw me helped the old lady. He called his friend and told him that, "Fuyoh, that guy helped the old lady carry her stuff upstairs." in a sarcasm way. I look at that guy without knowing what is his intention of saying something in that manner. Oh my. He is troubled. Thinking that how someone could be so cold and so insensitive. I just smile and continue doing what i was doing.

The end. Hee. Not a good ending right? Don't worry about the ending, try to understand the message i am trying to share with you. :)

So, that is part of the story where i think it is a good thing to share because it is something i wanted others to know that it won't cost you money if you help an old lady carry her stuff or help her climb the stairs and also in any other situation possible. Be greatful of what you have and don't be rude to others.

Lai lai chee.


Hai there. Hee. How's life? Great? Good for you. Playlist kinda gloomy for me lately same like the weather.

Pssst. Come closer. Let me tell you something. I made something deliciously new, it's Lychee Pudding! Yay! Did you know how Lychee Pudding taste like? No? Seriously? Oh my. You've been missing something in Bahasa Malaysia we say it like "Sangat Sedap" Hee. Yea i mean we. Not 'I'. Hee. Sorry for that.

Weet weet. Here is how i make the Lychee Pudding. First of all i would like to explain the ingredients i use in the process. Shall we?

1. Agar-Agar. (Easier if use powder type of agar-agar in a packet.)
2. Half mug of Sugar. (Doesn't matter either fine or coarse sugar.)
3. Evaporated Milk. (I use Ideal brand from Nestle.)
4. One tin of Lychee. (From any brand.)
5. One liter of fresh water.

 That's all? Yes, that is all. 'Sikit je bahan-bahannya'. :D Hee. Come, let me guide you through how it is done. First of all, get a saucepan ready on a stove and all the ingredients in a easy to reach place. Fill up the saucepan with one liter of fresh water then boil it until it is boiled. Let it boil for a few minutes and then we can proceed with the rest of the process. When the water is boiled, pour the agar-agar in the saucepan and mix it well until it is well mixed to get a fine texture of the Lychee Pudding. You will know it is well mixed when there is no group of agar-agar that is attached to each other and look just like the fresh water you pour in earlier.

The next step is to pour in half mug of sugar into the saucepan. Mix it well until it is well mixed. Then, open up the tin of lychee and pour in just the water from the lychee's tin. Make sure you do not pour in the lychee in the saucepan. Mix it until it is well mixed.
Now, pour in one tin one of evaporated milk into the saucepan. Mix it well until it is well mixed. In the mean while get some tupperware ready because it will be needed to pour down the mixture you have made. Before that, you can arrange each lychee from the tin into the tupperware. Once it is completed and the mixture is done, you can pour it down slowly to each tupperware.

The last step is to place your tupperwares in the refrigerator and wait for it to be ready.

Once it is done, it will look like this.

tadaaa! :D

I ate one whole tupperware of it the next day itself. Hee. I still have two tupperware of it. Yummy! 

This is a new thing I've learn to make and it is a success. Yay! I'm so happy. I learn and try new things. So, what's next? Lai lai chee. :D 

Friday, November 11, 2011

A little Knowledge.


Let me share some information i knew that helps me in something daily. Let me tell you about Vitamin B Complex. Hee. It's a bit boring for the title itself, but who knows this might be useful for you too.

There are 8 types of vitamin B in the Vitamin B complex itself as well as several other substances. A well balanced diet is needed to provide us with all the vitamin B we require, because water soluble vitamin B complex will not retain in the body as it will only be temporary in the blood veins. All the 8 vitamin  types of vitamin B works together to keep you healthy, but they have their own different functions to the body. That's for the introduction, let me tell you the different types of vitamin B, functions and also the benefits to the body.

1. Anxiety and Stress
  • A feeling of Worry.
  • Typically accompanied by uneasiness.
  • Typically about an Imminent event.
  • Emotionally disturb.
  • Pressure and Tension on something.
  • Nervousness.
    2. Convalescence - Gradual healing after sickness or injury.
    3. Fatigue - Exhaustion or tiredness.
    3. Dermatitis - Inflammation of the skin or direct irritation or allergic.
    4. Diverticulitis - Disturbance of bowel function.
    5. Poor hair condition
    6. Tinnitus - Ringing or Buzzing in the ears.

    The Names and Functions.
    1. B1 (thiamine)
    Release of energy from carbohydrates; aids in functioning of nervous system; helps maintain stomach acidity and normal appetite.
    2. B2 (riboflavin)
    Converting proteins, fats and carbohydrates into energy; necessary for healthy skin and eyes.
    3. B3 (niacin)
    Release of energy from food; maintains health of skin, mouth and digestive tract; necessary for normal mental function; can increase circulation and reduce high blood pressure.
    4. B5 (pantothenic acid)
    Release of energy from food; helps in the functioning of the adrenal gland and in the formation of antibodies.
    5. B6 (pyridoxine)
    Metabolism of protein, hence requirements related to protein intake; helps to maintain fluid balance, a requirement for healthy red blood cells.
    6. B12
    Red blood cell production and maintenance of protective sheath around nerves.
    7. Folic acid
    Essential for growth and reproduction of cells, particularly red blood cells.
    8. Biotin
    Involved in carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism.  Required for healthy skin and hair.

    Taking some B complex tablets may result in a darker yellow coloration of urine, which is due to the body eliminating excess riboflavin (vitamin B2).

     Hope this information help ease a little bit of knowledge about functions and benefits of Vitamin B Complex. A little Knowledge.


    Thursday, November 3, 2011

    Baked. Cooked. Frozen. Not sure.


    Haaaai. It's been days since i wrote about my graduation day. Weet weet. I'm back with new story of course. 

    Let me let me let me pleeeeeease! Can't wait to write about it. "Okay okay aymansyarif tell us what you've got". Yay! Aha. Guys, i don't know exactly what is it called but i made something so delicious. Hee I think it's baked but ..... Aha, not important! :D

    It's a home made Kek Batik by me! A frozen one! I can't believe myself either. Hee. To whom who knew me very well i never baked something or anything in my entire life before. Yay me! Aha. So that is why I blog about it. I'm not bragging about it of course not. Just sharing my experience and joy. Shall we?

    Let me tell you in detail the ingredients i use to make it happen. Hee.

    1. An Egg (From any brand in the market)
    2. A mug of Milo (Can also use Cadbury Chocolate Powder)
    3. Half of Butter (I use Buttercup)
    4. A mug of Plain Water
    5. Unmeasured amount of Marie Biscuits.
    6. Half mug of Sugar (It's either coarse of fine it doesn't matter)
    7. Loyang.

    Now we've got our ingredients, let me tell you what i did afterwards.

    First thing first, i get the ingredients ready and can be easily reach by hand. This is how i do it.

    I take the Marie biscuits and break it in two or four, i don't know exactly the amount that is needed, it actually depends on you. 

    Secondly, i mix the egg with a mug of plain water, please use the same mug throughout the process because the measurements I've made is based on the same mug. Mix it thru until it is well mixed. If you have a cooking filter you could filter what you have mixed just now to make it finer, but if you don't have it, it's ok you can proceed without it.

    Next, please pay some attention here because, I've made a mistake here once. I made a mistake by heating up a saucepan before i put in half butter inside the saucepan, it burned the butter right after i put it in the saucepan and that will ruin the taste later on. So i need to redo everything by cleaning the burned butter inside the saucepan and do it once more. Ok, here i found out what I should have done earlier. Put half the butter in the saucepan before heating up the saucepan, then heat it with the lowest heat there is. Make sure the butter fully melt without burning it. There goes my half butter, half of it burned. Aha. I'm a newbie, please bear with me. :D

    Next, after the butter have totally melt, now pour the egg you mixed just now into the saucepan, and mix it through until it is well mixed. Make sure it is well mixed before moving to the next one. Now take the same mug with Milo filled inside it. Make sure the mug is full. After that pour it into the saucepan and mix it through until it is well mixed. Again, take the same mug but now sugar filled inside it. This time only fill half of the mug with sugar, and again pour it in the saucepan and mix it through until it is well mixed.

    Almost done, a little bit more, hang in there. Alrite. Remember the Marie Biscuits just now? Yes it's time for it to be in the saucepan. Yay! Pour it in the saucepan and mix them, make sure it is well mixed.

    Now, please have your 'Loyang' ready and then pour everything from the saucepan to the loyang. Make sure that the Marie biscuits is spread evenly on the loyang. Yay! the final stage of the Kek Batik process, put it inside a freezer and wait for it to get frozen. :D

    Tadaaa!~ A delicious yet tasty frozen Kek Batik! :D

    Make sure you serve the Kek Batik frozen and not otherwise. Try this, after a long tiring day at work, went home, cut a BIG slice of Kek Batik, then seat on a very comfy couch or sofa in front of a TV, eat it, taste it, feel it, oh my i can tell you that even if the TV is on, your eyes will be shut tide just to enjoy the taste of the lovely Kek Batik you have made. Hee. The taste is more like an ice cream. My first ever super cool home made ice cream. :D

    Enjoy. That is all for now. Weet weet. ^_^

    Monday, October 24, 2011



    Haaai! It has been a very busy fortnight. Phew. Glad that everything went well. Yay! How is everyone been doing over there? I hope everything went well too. Goody!

    Graduation?! Yes! Graduation. Happiness. It's been a week since my graduation day, it's on the 16 October 2011, approximately 8 days from that big day. Hee. Let me share with you this story I've been wanting to write.

    Collection day for academic robe and mortarboard. Came there early in the morning with excitement. Meeting former classmates, friends and saw lots of familiar faces I'd known for the past three years I'm there. Hee. The funny thing on that day was, i don't even know how to measure what size i should be choosing, Aha. There is a fitting section where you can actually try the size on before you can actually get your academic robe and mortarboard. Luckily there's a person in charge there told me that no matter what size you pick you must make sure that the length is long enough and not to worry about the size because you'll be wearing a suit on that day. So the size that i picked for the academic robe was XL and the length was perfect, and size M for the mortarboard. To whom that knew me very well, I never wear XL in my entire life before because I am a size M person. Aha.

    Rehearsal day! It was on the 14 October 2011. I took a leave on that day. Aaaah! The feeling of having a day off from work. Yay! Happiness. It was early in the morning, i came there a bit late, just a little bit late, alrite alrite, its around 30 minutes late, Aha. I went to the hall without knowing what to do. I entered the hall and look for signs, it's like looking for the right path. Hee. Then i heard someone talking about registration at the back of the hall, so i just went there without knowing am i doing the right thing, Aha. Don't ask. :P At the back of the hall they ask for an ID they provided earlier, luckily i brought them, i don't even know that i should have brought them with me on that day. Phew. That was a relieved. After the registration i went back inside then i saw someone very very very familiar to me, Yay! Although I am a little bit surprised and yes I'm so happy. Automatically i became a tourist guide and showed the way to the registration counter. Aha. That rehearsal went very well and yes what is a day off from work if you went back straight home after that right? Aha. After the rehearsal a group of us went to the college and had a pre-convo photo session. Yay!.

    Let me share some photos during that day.
    *Guys i hope you don't mind me sharing some of your photos in my post without any of your permission. Anybody in this photos feels like i need to remove it please tell me so without any hesitation.*

    The big day! Yay! It is like a very big gathering of all the people that have been waiting for that day after 11 months of completing their studies. Fewwit! I woke up early in the morning with intense feelings of excitement and making sure that i don't left anything that is important behind especially my ID card and my academic robe of course. Hee. Arrived at destination, need to park the car somewhere far and shuttle bus to the hall is provided. When we are in the hall, after the speeches, then came the moment of truth. Aha. But yea, i was so sleepy at that time waiting for my turn, rows after rows and rows and rows and rows for my name to be called. For my course it is almost at last part of the ceremony. It was a very long wait. Aha. But apart from all the waiting, it's worth it! Yay me! :D

    I got two bouquet of flowers!

    This is me holding one of it.

    Hee. I am officially one of a Degree holder, Bachelor of Computer Science majoring in Systems and Networking with Honours. It is a very memorable day for me. I've been waiting for it 11 months and yea its has been a great day.

    CONGRATULATION! to everyone who received it. :D

    Thursday, October 13, 2011

    Have you.


    Have you ever sat down at your balcony enjoying solitude, looking at the pouring rain falls freely, the sounds of it when it hit the ground, the smells of it, the breeze, thunder storms comes along randomly, oh and to add some calm feelings to it try and add some instrumental piano background music.

    Let me share with you a playback that you will almost have the same feelings of the things i just mentioned. I recommend you to plug in an earphone, keep calm, feel the rain and enjoy it. :)

     That's all for today. Oh, have you?

    Wednesday, October 12, 2011



    It's been days since my last post. I was having this flu that keeps on coming and going as it pleased. Oh flu. Recovering, hope it will end soon. Enough of that story, let me share with you some delightful story for today.

    Pssstt. Let me show you something.

    Aaaah, isn't she a lovely one? Yes it is! Hee. and yes! I can assure you that it tastes as good as it looks. Every bite have its own story to tell, it's like you are on a stairway to heaven. Hee. Frankly speaking, i can't actually remember the name of the food, it was too delicious to remember the name. Hee. I think it is "Chicken chop something something with rice". Aha. I'm not helping am i? Hee.

    What is a good food without a soothing cold drink? It's like you are trying to access an internet without a computer. Aha. Can i put it like that? I can't? Well, i just did. Hee. :D

    Oh let me let me let me, please.. Oh aymansyarif, very well then what is it? Want to share something else with us? Show us something.


     Hee. Oh wait wait wait, i'm not finish yet! Hee. I had this too!

    Aaaah! again. Isn't this too much to ask for? It is a frozen strawberry filled with vanilla ice cream and linings of chocolate. Yummy! It was so deliciously delicious. Hee. It is an unexplainable feelings. Aha. Oh I'm glad i had it. I'm so greatful!

    Oh my. I'm famished.

    Friday, October 7, 2011


    Fever. Sore throat. Aches. Chills. Tiredness. Sudden Symptoms.

    As it pleased.

    It comes and goes.

    Wednesday, October 5, 2011



    Hey there. Singapore. Hello. I went there last fortnight to watch Formula 1 Grand Prix. It was a great day to describe and undeniably tired by the end of the day. Let me share this experience i had.

    A week before i went to Singapore i renewed my passport, it took me an hour maximum for it to be ready. Oh i never knew it could be that fast. Oh and yea i used a kiosk to renew my passport, yea you got that right, a kiosk, you don't need to fill up any form or wait for any queue number to be called. It was fun and easy to use.

    On that weekend i went to Singapore by bus from Larkin Sentral.

    I went through all the checking at the customs and yeah i arrived in Singapore and walk to Raffles City at Marina Bay to collect the pass that is needed to enter the walkabout zone.

    We entered the zone and there are lots of people from all over the world that came to Singapore just to watch F1. I could not get a better view to stand and shoot good photos, anybody that came early already conquered the best view spot. Let me share some shots taken from a non F1 category car race that afternoon.


     Oh the weather helps a lot that day, it's not so hot and it's breezy. Liked the weather so much. Hee. Let me share some views at the circuit.

    Merchandise Booth

    Circuit View


    A cruise liner on top of 3 skyscrapers

    This is what happened when you are so passionate about photography.

    Oh apart from all of this there is something I'm so happy about, it's Linkin Park! they've come to Singapore to put on a concert after the race. Oh my, it was so cool, all of their performance were great. Aaaahh! I could not ask for a better show from them, their live performance is so much better than hear it from a mp3 player. Hee. So apparently the ticket for F1 is actually 2 in 1. Yay! Linkin Park! :D I did not get any clear shots of Chester Bennigton or Mike Shinoda, because the spot i was standing was like 400 meters away from the stage. All i can do is watched them from the big screen. Let me share a video i found on YouTube, enjoy!

    Linkin Park - Waiting For The End at Singapore Formula 1 GP 2011

    That's all for today, sorry i only shared a few of the photos I've taken. Hope you had a great day. Take care.

    A day.


    Life. In the meantime. Happiness. Prediction. Expectation. Reality. Have you ever heard of a quote saying "Life is not as it seems, Expect the unexpected" Well that is the truth, it happened in real life. Have you ever wonder that you are someone you never think of? Denying the fact that you are who you are. Sometimes. There is something in life you will keep to yourself, something that is so real but you can't touch it with your bare hands, reminding, something so priceless and you do not want to get it over. Little secrets that keeps you wondering why all that's left are just visual in your thoughts. Never had this little feelings, feelings which it can actually turn into something. Something big which you could ever imagine you might wanting to have it so bad. Temptation. Afraid to accept the fact that it can only be change by one's own self. Guilt. Frustration. Sorrow. Resisting. Turning the world so dramatically slow. Rhythmic. Pace. Joy. Looking for it endlessly. Twisted thoughts. Feelings. That is how i wrote this. Oh that's just it.

    Monday, October 3, 2011



    Coins! When i was a little boy i started to collect One Ringgit coins, it was gold in color, eventhough the value is only RM1 it feels like i have real gold coins. I was a kid. Hee. I kept it safe somewhere and it is still shiny. I also collect those early version of One Ringgit coins where the size of the coin is larger than the size of a 50cent. It has different designs of pattern but with the same value.

    I have this habit of not using coins to pay for something. For example, i went to a restroom, per entry it will cost me 20cents, i don't have any small change, and at that moment the smallest notes i have is RM1, i will get a change of 80cents in return, i will not use it, instead i will keep it somewhere, for example in my car where there is a coin drawer. I will fill it until it is full. By the time it is full, that is where the best part is, because that is where i will transfer every little coins i have into my so called 'Kitty Bank'. I have this mind set when i was in primary school, saying that i need to save atleast 10cent each day. If i have more, the happier the cat will be.

    One of my Happy Cat.

    I also collect 1cent and 5cent. Even if it is 1cent, it will still be counted. Hee. It is so heavy and there will be more. Can you guess how much that Happy Cat would cost by now? Hee. Let me keep that as a secret. Oh coins.

    Saturday, October 1, 2011



    Let me share a story of a screwdriver. Have you ever heard of a magic screwdriver? Hee. Once there is a very close friend of mine who actually gave that name as 'Magic Screwdriver'. My friend borrowed my screwdriver to check on some problem encountered on a workstation. After done with all the checking it happened that my friend had dismantled everything and felt discouraged of not having to get the things fix.

    Apart from all of that my friend found out something else, something interesting, due to the discouragement my friend played with the screws using the screwdriver. All the screws stick to the screwdriver and try to stack it up one by one. Hee. The screwdriver is actually named as 'Magnetic Screwdriver'. As you can see from the link i just shared, the front tip of the screwdriver is where the magnet is.

    Magnetic screwdriver is actually something that is very useful if I'd say, because it helps not to lose the screws u just loosen, it will stick to the screwdriver or u can easily get the missing screws in hard to reach area. It is not that expensive anymore, knowing that you can get it in any hardware stores by now.

    Hee, i'll never forget these little memories, it's priceless. Oh friend, how are you? It's been a while.

    Thursday, September 29, 2011



    Have you been to Nusajaya? It is also known as Kota Iskandar. Located in Johor Bahru, Johor. This is an administrative centre for the state government of Johor, Malaysia. I work there as a Junior Network Engineer for three months during my internship. It was a very nice place to go and have a visit.

    The time i was there back then it was just opened and there are lots of things that is still under construction but almost complete the first phase. It was long time ago. Let me share some pictures of the buildings they have it there for phase one.

    DUN (Dewan Undangan Negeri)

    This is a very huge building. Inside this building there is office and also it have a very huge hall inside, like in the parliament. The floor inside the hall covered with a very thick carpet that is so comfy to walk on. Hee. I think tourist will not have the permission to enter the hall because the hall is secured for security purpose. Oh by the way, the tower at front entrance have a very looong stairs going upwards. I did not climb it, aha, just mentioning. ^_^

    C2S is the codename for the buliding.

    There are two building of the same architecture, placed in front of each other. C2SE for east wing and C2SW for west wing. Actually, i don't even know what the codename stands for. Hee.


    Aaah! This i where i work back then. This building is placed in front of the DUN building. There is a huge fountain designed as a moon and star same like in the flag of Johor, it is build in between of this two buildings. I work in an IT department where it is located at the second floor if i'm not mistaken. This is the second huge building there.

    History of Johor

    This is where it stated a short and brief history of Johor from how the first flag of Johor looks like and the list of names of our great leaders. U can read it but can't touch it, there's a moat in between like the one in the fairy tale at a castle where there is a hungry crocodile inside. Hee.

    Oh and there is a place called Puteri Harbour, It's a harbour where there is yachts and lots of private luxury boats there, it's a place u must go if you are there. Sorry i don't picture of that. Oh my. Maybe i could post some links of pictures instead? Ehe. 

    That is it for today, oh it's been very long since i wrote this. Hee, i did not realize that it took me hours. This post is not as interesting as it is, just thought that it is something good to share. :)